Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A worthwhile event -- Auction to benefit Friends of Pine Ridge

Dakota Playhouse--site of the auction on Oct. 18th

Sometimes this pixelated vale of tears seems like it's pretty much a festival of narcissistic self-indulgence, so it's always a refreshing change when some SL residents elect to use the platform as a philanthropic tool. What makes SL special, after all, isn't so much the platform and it's clunky technology, it's the people who inhabit this pile of virtual spaces and what they choose to use it for. A couple of my friends in Deadwood, Clay Kungler and September Blaisdale (also known as Mrs. Kungler), decided to take advantage of SL's potential for positive social interaction, and are putting together an in-world auction to benefit the Friends of Pine Ridge, a charitable organization that seeks to address various needs of folks on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The auction is going to be held this weekend at the Dakota Playhouse theater in the OOC area of the Deadwood 1876 sim. For you non-rp folks, that means it will be in the part of the sim where you don't have to wear period clothing, you don't have to act and talk like it's the 1870s, and you can wear any kind of avie you want. Want to come as a Vampire Chipmunk from New Jersey, or one of the Sanitation Engineers of the Old Republic? That's cool.

Anyhow, Clay and September are still gathering donations and sent me the following note, which I would like to pass on to y'all:

Sunday October 18th starting 3 pm SLT, the town of Deadwood presents a charity auction at the Dakota Playhouse theater in the Deadwood welcome area, with all proceeds going to the RL charity, the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation located in South Dakota.

We thought it would be an interesting choice since it's near the location of our RP town and a very worthy cause. Here's a small write up from the website (

"Pine Ridge Reservation, located in South Dakota, is home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and is 2,000,000 acres large with an estimated population of close to 40,000. The reservation is large, and its needs are immense, commensurate with grinding poverty. Unemployment is over 80%, the weather is extreme, and families struggle mightily with crushing financial, housing, health, educational and social issues.

Since it is impossible to provide assistance to individual families on the reservation from a distance and do it equitably, the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation website focuses on specific needs of the many schools and social service organizations such as shelters, children's organizations, and clinics physically located on the reservation. These organizations, always understaffed and under-funded, struggle in turn to serve thousands of children, women and men in dire need. Please do not underestimate the importance of a small donation. Your contribution, sent directly to a reservation organization--even if only a single pair of socks for a child who has none--makes a huge impact when combined with many others."

We already have some great items donated and hope more people will help us out. Donations can be sent to directly to Claytanic Kungler. This is a chance for you to get some great stuff such as guns, clothing, buckboard and covered wagons and much more--join us to support a good cause and have a good time.

Any questions feel free to drop a notecard or IM Claytanic Kungler

*Items Donated so far* (more items being added daily)

From Caed Aldwych:
-Buckboard Wagon
-Colt Army Pistol
-Dual Navy Colt Pistols
-Dual Remington Pistols
-Ladies Pistol
-Le Mat Pistol
-Old Fashioned Spectacles
-Pot Bellied Stove x4
-Stove Pipe Boots

From Marrant Vita:
-Antique Sewing Machine

From Diogenes Kuhr:
-Large Street Lamp
-Rolltop Desk
-Library Chair
-set of six 19th century cigar boxes
-beadboard-sided dry sink

From Bleak House Designs:
-BHD- Eliza's Ascot Dress-Gothed
-BHD- White/Black Bustle Gown
-BHD- *Titanic* Boarding Dress

So anyway, I hope some of y'all out there might want to help. If you can't make it to the auction maybe you can donate something--just give Clay a holler. These are good folks, completely trustworthy and I guarantee that all of the proceeds are going to go to the charity and not to underwrite Clay's ongoing commitment to the health of the brewing and donut-making industries.

If you want to attend, the slurl is:


  1. I doubt I'll make the auction matey, but I'll try. If not I'll make sure and send a donation.

    My mate Osprey used to teach in a (RL) Native American school - maybe she'd be interested too.

    p.s. you so need to get on Twitter - lots of people tweet when your posts copme out you know :)

  2. Hey HB,

    If you wanted to kick in a fistful of lindens, that would be awesome. Anything would be appreciated. And we'd be tickled to death if you'd mention the event to folks like Miz Osprey.

    As for getting on Twitter...yeah, I know, that should probably be part of the next phase in my 12-step program as a recovering cyber-luddite. Though I can also imagine finding myself eventually no longer doing anything except flitting back and forth between all the various social communication tools...I worry that someday I might have nothing to communicate about except the tools themselves.

    But we'll see. It's nice to know that people have some interest when I spit out some new verbage.

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