Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Deadwood story -- consequences, part 3

First Sergeant Sepp Bogart, reassigned from 3rd US Cavalry, to the cavalry depot at St. Louis, has been a part of a new experiment to provide recruits with some inititial training of a very basic nature before they are sent to their units. On a regualr basis he receives long letters from his lady in the Dakota Territory. He eagerly awaits each new report, which he finds vastly more entertaining than any work of fiction or fantasy.

Since becoming reacquainted with Dio, he has become used to the variety of news she shares with him, much of which would astonish or concern a man who was less comfortable with the philosophical notion that the universe simply makes no sense and is utterly lacking for any form of a practical plan. The following letter, however, stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of the sheer number and mind-slapping quality of the surprises it contained.

My Dearest Sepp,

First off, allow me to give you my assurances that I am well. But Goddam, Hon, it were a close-run thing this time, as I was in the compny of some one who had made mor than the usual number of enemies & his predeliction to do so cuaght up with him as we were eating breakfast at the Californa.

I know you were ner given the chance to meet Mister Al Husar in person, but I had told you of the man. I did not care grately for him, either for his manner nor his chosen path, as an agent of large business interests of the sort that leeve the littel man in the dust of its progress. But his presens had grown to be mor acceptable to me for his oposition to other interests of a mor ominous nature, and I did eventually find him to be of decent heart as he provided asistance to Miss Adiniah's good works in looking after the town's orphaned & abandonned children.

He is now, however passed on to what I hope to be a Better Place, as a fello did approach us and shoot Mr Husar in the head, leeving him dead almost of an instant. The fello did also tke a shot at me, but missed by small measure, leeving me with but a graze that young Deacon did asist me in looking after.

As shortly before this, Mr. Husar did apprise me of a surprising piece of intelligence, that he was in fact a half nephew of old John Husar, and being thus made awar that he was kin to people for whom I cared, I felt a sense of Blood debt which must be repayd. I established which direction the shooter took, and then prepared to set off after him. The new Mayor, Mr. Silverspar did try to dissuade me from this cours, claiming that other more important matters had to be attended to, I fear I was somewhat rude in my reply to HisHonor & will need to extend to him an apology on my return.

Twas much more of a comfort to go see Ron, who has taken up helping Miss Mahaila in the set up and runing of her Grocry, and when I did request of him rations for the trip to pursue the Killer, he did comply without comment other than quiet encouragment. He gave to me Rounds for the Carbine & jerkd venison & hard biskit for the trail. Ron understands what it means to have a Blood Debt that must be rapayd, and for that I have great appreciation.

So I am making progress in this endevour and trust you will not trubble yorself grately as to consern for my well-being. When I have repayd this debt, I will keep you all apprised of my success, as I have no expectation of any other outcome. At present I am in the visinity of Ft. Pierre, but do not know how long I will be here.

Oh and by the way, you may find amusing to kno that I am at least for now a speciul fedral dep'ty Marshall, having encounterd The Distirict Fedral Dep'ty Marshall Sand Rau in the course of seeking information regarding the Killer of Mr. Husar. Sand says to me that he culd not allow me to be taking the Law into my Own Hands, so I replyed to him, Fine, give me one of yor godammed Tin Stars which you hand out when need be. Says Sand, Oh, but you are a dam woman, cannot give you no goddammed Tin Star, and says I, show me wherein tis written that yor goddammed Tin Stars can only be pinned up on a chest with no bumps. He did think up on this a moment, then sayd he would sign me into the goddammed Book as D.A. Kuhr and be done with it. Sand, God bless him , he tosst to me a tin star and says Do not kill this fello un-less you must and then says to me, I need now to Swear you in. Says I, Hells Briches Sand, I swear at you all most evry goddamm time I see you. and then rode off.

Tho at the time, I laffed about this encounter, up on reflexion I suspect that perhap this Tin Star may pruve of use.

I miss you terrible as always and think of you most waking moments. I send to you all my love an respect & look foreward to next when I will be in yor arms.

OH and Another By The Way--yor intended now seems to be a woman of some means, Mr. Husar having left me his worldly goods in his will, I suppose in considration of the service we did to his kin befor the war. He seemed to think he had no close relations, but I think Old John's Grandson would qualify as such--will you do me the kindness of inquiring if he is still live? Last we had heerd he was in 10th Cav was He not? I would very much like to know, so that we may share with him a fair portion of this favor by his kinsman.

I remain yors forever in faithful love,


  1. I was laughing so hard at the "tin star" paragraph I nearly choked! Brilliant post Dio - and I see you have accrued even more wealth and land... but beware for AAl#s claim might bring you bad luck you know...

  2. hey HB, happy monday.

    Don't fret, there will be a redistribution of wealth at some point so life will not get too easy for Dio.

  3. Frontier living always seems to involve the redistribution of wealth, doesn't it? :)