Thursday, July 2, 2009

RP transcript -- Dio wrassles with a mountain lion

an early rp transcript of a surprise scenario that no one including myself was expecting, re-posted with some editing from The Road to Deadwood Forum. I really like this, not just because so many people got involved when I was attacked by a mountain lion -- which Ron Xi shot while I was "wrasslin" with it -- but because while I am lying in the street bleeding like mad, they are talking about all sorts of things, including what they are going to do with the cougar's hide. And through it all, Sand, our marshal, was still trying to figure out what happened:

[18:54] Sand Rau: what is THAT!
[18:54] Brooklyn Alcott:*backs up to lefty*
[18:54] Kiwi Little: dont move...
[18:54] You: mountain lion
[18:54] Lefty Fargis: watch it Dio a mountain lion!
[18:54] Brooklyn Alcott:*blinks in surprise*
[18:54] Lost Ferals HUD: Ganesha would like to animate your avatar. Click [Yes] to accept.
[18:54] Cookie Portocarrero: oh mah goodness - shoot it!
[18:54] Ganesha lines up on their target and... POUNCE!
The mountain lion has pounced on Dio but Ron shoots
[18:54] Deadwood 1.6: Ganesha Xi falls to the ground apparently dead or unconscious...
[18:54] Deadwood 1.6: Ganesha Xi trembles a little then appears to die...
[18:55] Deadwood 1.6: Diogenes Kuhr falls to the ground apparently dead or unconscious...
[18:55] Brooklyn Alcott:*runs to miss Dio*
[18:55] Kiwi Little: miss Dio!
[18:55] Cookie Portocarrero: oh mah lord
[18:55] You: goddam that hurt
[18:56] Kiwi Little: damn who shoot mis Dio?
[18:56] Brooklyn Alcott:*bends down to miss Dio*
[18:56] Brooklyn Alcott: it was the lion I think
[18:56] Nitron Xi: I think the lion got Miss Dio!
[18:56] Brooklyn Alcott: *opens the bag*
[18:56] You: not shot, goddam cougar got me...
[18:56] Sand Rau: SOME ONE GET A DOCTOR
[18:56] Brooklyn Alcott:* rolls miss Dio over*
[18:56] Lazurus Thorne: Get Miss Dio off the street
[18:56] Brooklyn Alcott: I AM a doctor
[18:57] Cookie Portocarrero: is she breathin, Dr. Alcott?
[18:57] Brooklyn Alcott: *kneels down*
[18:57] You: sonofagoddambitchin' cat
[18:57] Brooklyn Alcott: yes she is breathing ....*giggle* cussin too
[18:57] Sand Rau: WHERE IN THE HELL...?
[18:57] Kiwi Little: she is alive
[18:57] Brooklyn Alcott:*looks over her cuts and bite*
[18:57] Brooklyn Alcott: yes...
[18:58] Nitron Xi:*runs over* Miss Dio! Miss Dio you ok??
[18:58] Deadwood 1.6: Diogenes Kuhr is now ready for surgery...
[18:58] Cookie Portocarrero: she don't look so good
[18:58] Sand Rau: damn cat
[18:58] Kiwi Little: Poor miss dio
[18:58] You: *groans*
[18:58] Brooklyn Alcott:*puts some salve on the gauze and starts pressing hard on the cuts*
[18:59] Brooklyn Alcott looks over at the animal
[18:59] Nitron Xi:*ties a rope around the animal's paws*
[18:59] Nitron Xi: just to be sure
[18:59] Sand Rau: man alive....
[18:59] Brooklyn Alcott: *looks at the deep gashes in her stomach, arms and neck....*
[18:59] Cookie Portocarrero: you kin drag it into the back room of the hotel
[18:59] Brooklyn Alcott *presses hard*
[18:59] Lazurus Thorne: Damn
[19:00] You: thank god fer buckskin duds
[19:00] Lazurus Thorne: Carefull Mister Ron
[19:00] Cookie Portocarrero: oh Miz Dio! you ain't daid!
[19:00] Sand Rau: you maam are one tuff cookie
[19:00] Brooklyn Alcott:*reaches for the thread and needle....searching in the bag*
[19:00] You: goddam right I ain't dead
[19:00] Brooklyn Alcott: no she's not dead
[19:00] Lefty Fargis: I been needin' a mountain lion skin for my floor
[19:00] Nitron Xi:*picks up the animal and carries it into the back of the hotel*
[19:00] Brooklyn Alcott:*smiles*
[19:00] Brooklyn Alcott: she's too tough
[19:00] You: jus bleedin like hell
[19:01] Brooklyn Alcott: we'll get that stopped, miss Dio
[19:01] Brooklyn Alcott:*presses harder*
[19:01] Sand Rau: I'll help ya
[19:01] Brooklyn Alcott: oh Miss Dio he picked the tastiest one outa the bunch..giggle
[19:02] Sand Rau: she going to be ok ..doc?
[19:02] Brooklyn Alcott: course she is....she's a tough one
[19:02] Sand Rau: damn right she is
[19:02] Brooklyn Alcott: aint no cat gonna take her off this world
[19:02] Sand Rau: tuff as nails
[19:03] Brooklyn Alcott:*looks at the blood just pouring out of the neck wound*
[19:03] Brooklyn Alcott: you gonna have some cat marks to show folks, Miss Dio
[19:03] Brooklyn Alcott:*smiling and pressing down with all her might*
[19:03] Lazurus Thorne: Mister Ron, if that cat has enough whole hide....I'd like a new holster out of it
[19:03] Nitron Xi: I'll check into it for ya, sir
[19:04] Lazurus Thorne: abliged
[19:04] Brooklyn Alcott:*looks over shoulder to Lefty*
[19:04] Brooklyn Alcott: can you help me ??
[19:04] Nitron Xi: is miss Dio gonna be alright, Brooklyn?
[19:04] Lefty Fargis: yeah what ya need
[19:04] Brooklyn Alcott: Lefty press here ...on the neck
[19:04] Brooklyn Alcott: as hard as you can
[19:04] Brooklyn Alcott: while i sew up her arm
[19:04] You: arrrgh goddam that hurt
[19:04] Lefty Fargis: * presses on her neck *
[19:04] Brooklyn Alcott: I'm sorry miss Dio...
[19:05] Brooklyn Alcott:*threads the needle and starts sewing the gash in the arm*
[19:05] Brooklyn Alcott: I think we did this last week didn't we Miss Dio??
[19:05] Brooklyn Alcott : *smiles, trying to keep her mind off being hurt*
[19:05] Sand Rau: think so too
[19:05] You: hell yes, Doc
[19:05] Sand Rau: *smiles*
[19:05] You: an' as much I like ye...
[19:05] Brooklyn Alcott: *smiles*
[19:06] You: ...cuz goddam, you really do smell good an' all...
[19:06] You: but I's gittin' right tired o' this gittin' patched up nonsense

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  1. Bwahahahaha! That was ace! I love Sand - what a satr! "What the hell?" & "Where did that come from?"