Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating the Birthday of the Republic -- a Deadwood event


Tomorrow, July 4, the citizenry of Deadwood City in the Dakota Territory will commemorate the birth of the United States in the traditional manner of a frontier community of the 1870s. These elements are commonly known as the “Three B’s”--Booze, Beasts, and Bombast.

The role of alcoholic libations--the “Booze” in the equation--requires little explanation in a town that has roughly one saloon for every 39 residents. The “Beasts” are involved either for riding or eating. On the frontier, 4th of July activities commonly include horse races, some form of barbeque, and perhaps bull riding (unless the barbecue got scheduled first).

As for “Bombast,” what is a modern 19th century celebration of our Independence without speeches? Oration is looked upon as both an art and a form of edifying entertainment, notwithstanding the fact that this part of the festivities seems to be intertwined with the imbibatory element. And it should be noted, that an essential and expected aspect of the “speechifying” is the inevitable snide remarks and insults directed at the Kingdom of Britain and its rulers, both past and present.

Curiously, any former or current citizens of the Empire who happen to be present will be treated with the utmost respect and “neighborliness,” not just because of the expansive nature of frontier hospitality, but also because “o’ course when we say them things, we don’t mean YOU, personally, pard.” In fact, all are welcome.

That said, I do remind potential guests that because of the immersive nature of the rp in Deadwood City, if you do want to come to this event, you'll need to put on a human avie and appropriate 19th century clothing. If any of you folks out there want to give it a shot and are uncertain about trying it, send me an IM and I'll help you get oriented in between when I have to do some things.

The tentaive scheudle for the day is:

Marksmanship competition at 10 AM (Sponsored and organized by yours truly)

Horse race at Noon

Picnic and speeches at 1 PM (I think I'm doing one of the speeches)

Canoe races on Whitewood Creek at 3 PM

Some kind of conclusion to things at around 6 PM, maybe?

Heavy drinking is optional, but expected throughout the course of the day.


  1. "snide remarks and insults directed at the Kingdom of Britain and its rulers, both past and present" - hehe, good on ya!

    And if I'd have known about the 1pm speech I'd have come and heckled :-D

  2. That's ok Hon, I know you were real busy with the Flea Circus -- maybe next time you can come heckle.

    Actually, we wound up canceling the 1 PM picnic due to logistics issues and focused on making the 6 PM conclusion a big event. We had the speeches, fireworks and a dance. For my speech I only made brief remarks with one small, gentle dig at Britain, and then did a reading of the Declaration of Independence, which was a popular 4th of July activity in many 19th century American communities. I think folks had a good time, other than we coulda used a few more men to dance with.