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A roleplaying transcript -- talking about men and their...guns

Hi folks, sorry I
haven't thrown any new crap your way for a few days -- was out on the road this week for rl employment nonsense. But here's an impromptu conversation -- completely made up as we went along -- from the early days of the Deadwood sim. The context here is that someone has been trying to terrorize the town, and the townspeople have laid a trap for this person. This is one of the conversations that takes place while they are waiting for the troublemaker to show up.

The following transcript is re-posted from The Road to Deadwood forum. It involves a conversation between Dio and another character named Marrant Vita who was, if I recall correctly, the first school marm in town. What I find charming about Marrant is how-- in spite of her history and past events (see Marrant's excellent character intro on the RTD forum for the tragic details) she still has a distinct romantic streak, a sweet idealism about what is possible between a man and a woman, that is truly endearing.

One reason it is so charming, is that I think most of our Deadwood women actually share a longing for that same romantic ideal, but most of the rest of us have either learned to hide it, or do our best to deny it, perhaps even to pretend (or hope) it doesn't exist. So many of us have been hurt and disappointed once or twice (or more) too often to be otherwise. Consequently, it is almost something of a shock to come across someone like Marrant, an honest-to-God legitimate member of our sisterhood of the broken heart, who still openly believes and hopes for that romantic possibility.

Diogenes Kuhr: mind if'n I set with y'all a spell Marrant?
Marrant looks up from her book... No, please, have a seat. Mighty quiet
Diogenes Kuhr: yep I'm wonderin' if the person behind all this knows we is waitin' for him ...
Diogenes Kuhr: ...or her
Diogenes Kuhr: what y'all readin' hon?
Marrant: It's a short story called the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Diogenes Kuhr: oh?
Marrant: Yes, I started thinking of it... it has a headless horseman in it
Diogenes Kuhr: does it turn out?
Marrant: well, the main character's a schoolteacher
Marrant smiles... a man
Diogenes Kuhr: hmmph
Marrant: He and this other man are both suitors of the same woman. The schoolteacher gets scared off by a Headless Horseman..and the other man marries the woman,
Diogenes Kuhr: this gal they both like...she purty?
Diogenes Kuhr: or rich?
Marrant: Pretty, I think...
Diogenes Kuhr: so why'd she pick the other feller, not the schoolteacher?
Marrant: I guess because the schoolteacher ran off, terrified of the Headless Horseman
..lost his chance.. The other man seemed a bit more.... manly...and you never know if it was or wasn't the other man who was the Headless Horseman...but it makes you wonder
Diogenes Kuhr: hmmm
Diogenes Kuhr: not surprising then
Marrant *smiles*....not at all
Diogenes Kuhr: real men make their chances
Diogenes Kuhr: create their own opportunities
Marrant: I would want a man who wasn't scared.....not one who ran away from a Headless Horseman
Marrant *notes all the men who are absent tonight*
Marrant Only a few brave men here tonight, Dio. Of course, if Kane was still alive, he'd be here
Diogenes Kuhr: fine line twixt bravery an loonacy
Marrant *gazes off* ... Kane was a very brave man...
Diogenes Kuhr: oh?
Diogenes Kuhr: cain't say I ever saw that in him
Marrant: Well.. I mean, he was very tall and he had a big gun
Diogenes Kuhr: what did he do makes y'all say that?
Marrant: ..and he dressed in black..and...he and Badger were friends, and Badger seems very brave
Diogenes Kuhr: the Lipan Apache rangers that m' friend Sepp had in his Texas Ranger company, had them a sayin...
Diogenes Kuhr: "big gun, small penis"
Marrant's *eyes pop open wide*
Marrant *hopes the ghost of Kane can't hear that quote*
Diogenes Kuhr: o course it's not literally true..
Marrant *wonders how big Badger's gun is*
Diogenes Kuhr: like Ron over there
Diogenes Kuhr: he's always armed to the teeth, but I reckon he's got stones to spare...
Diogenes Kuhr: cuz I seen him face down bad guys and mean critters
Diogenes Kuhr: an chase after em
Diogenes Kuhr: an he's a standin' here tonight
Marrant gazes at Ron
Diogenes Kuhr: I think what the Lipans meant was that it's easy fer someone to talk brave when they have a gun ready to hand
Diogenes Kuhr: but it's about how you act
Marrant: That Headless Horseman didn't have a gun at all... would that mean he had a very large.........Marrant *lets her thoughts wander off*
Diogenes Kuhr: *laughs*
Marrant: Dio, you know I'll be looking a guns from now on with a whole different eye
Diogenes Kuhr: *grins* I should hope so

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