Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dio gets married -- and we have the Lindens to thank that it happened

You plan something nice and of course, Murphy invites himself to be the guest of honor....

You know I have a habit of givin' the Labsters a hard time, and when I do, it's usually cuz they deserve it. But I also like to give 'em credit when the magic works--when they come through for you. And they did that today.

Apparently today was the day that the server gods decided to massively muck about with the grid, just so they could sit on their mountain top, laughing at us poor mortals below while we wallowed in epic lag, and as sims were crashing like Monty Python's flying sheep.

It also was the day that we had decided that Dio would finally roleplay marrying Sepp, her long-time rp soul-mate. Sepp's typist had not been able to be in SL for quite some time, but we still had him as an off-screen presence in a lot of our storylines. Well, we wanted to bring closure to some things before the re-start, and one of the things we elected to do was have Sepp and Dio finally jump the broom.

The wedding (scheduled for 1:00 PM SLT) was to be held at the Gem saloon because:

A.) Sepp's character is a freidenke and doesn't hold with ministers and churches and such; and
B.) the Gem was where Sepp and Dio reconnected after not having seen each other for about 16 years. You can read the story of their meeting again here.

So at about a quarter to one, we were trying to get into the sim...and no one could tp in. And Sepp, who had been in DW around 12:30 or so and had logged out to get something to eat, then tried to log back in...and SL would not let him log on at all. It wouldn't even let him in and then toss him to some noob-welcome area hellhole.

We thought we were totally boned.

Here I am sitting in Caledon, unable to tp to Deadwood, waiting in my wedding dress for things to straighten out, or for everyone to decide if we would just give up and reschedule.

But I IM'ed Estwee (one of our owners) who was on, and she got a hold of Caed (our chief owner and sim builder) and he got in touch with the concierge services for help. Their first attempts at fixing things did let us get in, but we were immobile with lag. But a rep from the lab named Mae Linden kept banging away at the problem. They apparently eventually wound up switching Deadwood to a different server. And finally we could all get in and the lag was tolerable and far as the kind of time we had, I will show you the pictures momentarily.

But right now I just want to say again to Mae Linden, thank you hon. I am deeply appreciative of what you did--I am grateful for your persistence and willingness to help in what must have been a shitty situation of massive proportions for you and your co-workers. Hell's outhouse, everyone and his fuckin' brother must have yelling for help from you guys...but you saved Dio's wedding.

It got started about an hour late, but hully gee, boys and girls, it was about the best goddam weddin' I have ever been to SL.

I did the processional with Doc Morprok, who gave me away. He was a bit unsteady but we only ran into a couple of tables and posts along the way. He did a great job. I love Doc.

Doc Morpork starts walking me in...

And here we are heading up the aisle to the stage where we did the ceremony. Sepp is at center with green-blue waistcoat and the fellow next to him in the hat is our neighbor Meriweather Runningbear, who stood up as Best Man.

There's Sepp in all his one-eyed glory. he changed the vows a bit when he repeated them: "...for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until the day we die, back to back, our pistols smoking, and our enemies around us in heaps..."

And there I am, looking pretty happy, I reckon. Clay, as mayor, presided and I think he did a real fine job. Carrie Anne was my maid of honor and Mahaila Bertrand (right behind her) was my other bridesmaid.

After the ceremony we had a real nice reception that September and Clay put together, with some fancy stuff to eat and lots to drink. Sepp, unfortunately could not stay for the entire reception but had to get back to the ranch due to an emergency there.

At the reception: folks looked real nice. Here you can see Ernst Osterham (with the cane) who got himself a new frock coat for the occasion, and some of my lady friends who were turned out in some real finery.

And then after a bit, it got real fun. Below is an image in which you will notice Silas and Bram sprawled on the floor. Silas got kinda out of hand, and he went down for the first time after I hit him in the head with a coffee cup and punched him a couple o' times. Then he got up again and he and Bram took to slugging' it out, and then both of them went down at the same time. This picture was taken right after that. It was really somethin' to see.

From that point on, there were about a half dozen separate fist fights as the boys got into it. And they were going at it not just in two's but also in threes. Silas got back up a number of times...

Mostly the boys were insulting each other over disagreements about the Friday night boxin' results and something about poor law enforcement...then one of the times Silas got back up, he insulted Miss Mahaila...

Silas, after insulting Miss Mahaila.

So, finally I whacked him a couple times in the head with a pool cue. Then, when he got back up again, he was whole lot more pleasant. So I got him a beer and he kinda cheered up some. In fact everyone got another beer at that point and things settled down.

It was a GREAT wedding. Thank you to Mahaila and Carrie Anne and Meri for being in the wedding party, to Doc for giving me away, to Clay for officiating, and to Clay and September for setting everything up and decorating so nice... and to Silas for providing the entertainment. And thank you to all the DW folks and my friends who came. I love you all.

And last but not least, thank you Mae Linden.


  1. Congratulations to you and Sepp (though I did read "jump the broom" as "jump the groom," for what that's worth)... and may I say that looked like a great wedding reception, even if the groom didn't stick around for it. I never get to see fisticuffs!

    And cheers to Mae Linden as well.

  2. Hey Rhia,

    the best part of this was that the fistfights didn't escalte to gunfights, which they often do in western sims. We told people in advance that we hoped they'd have fun bashing away but that use of deadly force was to be avoided. And it worked pretty well. If you want, you could always come to the Friday night boxing matches at the Gem if you just want to see guys hit each other.

    And yes, support services did its job well yesterday. I did kind of wonder who did what (if anything) to cause all the lag and failing sims, but am sue we'll never know. And yes, we could have just rescheduled, but people had changed their schedules around to be there, stuff was all set up--it would have been a logistical mess getting it together again another time. So I'm very grateful for the support folks' help.

  3. Dio,
    The pictures look great. I am sorry that JF could not make it due to SL troubles.

    It is gratifying that the event did take place, along with the LL getting things to work out for you. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all.

    Congratulations on the happy event

  4. Thanks Blackjack,

    It's ok, apparently it was a bad day in SL all around, and I know you tried.

  5. So bad I couldnt be around because of a real life date :-/

    But I'm happy about this great part of the story - Dio really deserves it ;)

    And Sepp seemed to be a nice guy when Deac met him a long time ago. So, Deac will be happy about the news aswell :)

    All the best for the bridal couple!

  6. Thanks Deac

    Bless your heart, I sure as hell think a rl date takes precedence over this stuff. I hope you had a good time.

    I'm sure we'll have other events before the big re-set comes.

    You know, one of the the things I liked about this event was that we knew what we wanted to see happen, but it was pretty much up to the residents to work out how to do it and whether they wanted to take part or not.

    I was just really pleased with the way it happened.