Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, we might as well get this started...

a word from Dio's typist...

I guess I am on my way to being less of a cyber-luddite after all. I actually put my real self on Facebook recently (and no I ain't about to direct you to that, just because I'm trying to maintain some separation between the different worlds that Dio and "her typist" inhabit). And yes, I have signed up for that Twitter idiocy, though I haven't brought myself to actually use it yet. And hell, I have been wandering around in Second Life for over four years now.

And by the way, I just got Dio a new skin that looks a little less pale--it was probably originally made for goth-type purposes. Anyhow, I finally broke down and got her a more detailed skin, with a healthy outdoorsy glow, which seemed appropriate for a character whose backstory and present in-world lifestyle involves a good deal of outdoors activity.

Actually, I was always kind of afraid to change how she looked. She had that same skin since 2006 or so, and, well, shit, I suppose I was worried that altering her look might somehow change the persona. But being as Dio has taken on such a life of her own, I don't think anything I might do is going to make much difference in how she acts, talks, or what she might do to offend "civilized folks."

So anyway, yeah, another big step..starting a blog for Dio.

One of the reasons I'm doing this is because she has been character in a number of really good stories and rp sessions--mostly in the sim known as Deadwood 1876--and I am going to re-post some of those pieces here, over time. The Deadwood community forum is a great place, and I love posting there, but those old stories have kind of gotten buried. I just want to give them a little fresh air, let them run around in the sunshine for a few minutes, and see if anyone else might enjoy reading them. Not that I actually expect anyone to read this turkey, but never know.

I hope to hear from some of you who share my interest in the possibilities that Second Life offers for historical recreation...for having fun learning, exploring, and playing with stories from our collective past. Second Life is many things--and yes, for so many folks it is a festival of virtual consumption and unbridled lust--a pixelated vale of tears with drama queens, attention whores, self indulgent narcissists, cyber pin-heads (literally and figuratively), and some really, really creepy motherfuckers. And that's fine (other than the creepy bits). There is a place in our lives for recreational drama and everyone needs to get attention some time.

But there is also so much potential to really experiment and play with the realities we choose to engage one another, to connect, to learn and share and create. For those of us who love history and who have found this to be a way to tell stories--to be a part of storytelling in a very direct, improv theater sort of's so much more than sex and shopping. Though yes, some of us find those elements of it worming their happily wicked way into the mix no matter what..but then we're just human after all.

So if you happen to pick up this bottle floating in the cascade of ideas and information and lies and wishful thinking that pours into your lap from your computer screen, I hope you enjoy reading the note inside.


  1. I'm right glad t'see ye 'ere, Miss Dio. Yer experience an' sagacity is wanted in this here blogosphere, an th' same goes double fer yer unsparin' clarity o' vision 'bout all the fustian an' nonsense what gits touted so regular-like. I'll be a-waitin' fer yer stories an' fer sich ponderin and musin as yer typist chooses t'do.

    An' I 'as th'honour t'be

    yer servant

    Captain Nonesuch Ra (ret'd)

  2. Hey pard!

    Thanks fer the kind words. Hopefully this thing ain't just gonna be complete cocktwaddle. And I shall endeavor my utmost to see that the parts what are cocktwaddle are as enjoyable as I can make them.

  3. Welcome to the blogworld - I was only yesterday wondering if you'd come and *poof!* here you are :) I'm really looking forward to reading more of your tales and memories here, I have to say.

    When it comes to skins and looks, I have been the gazelle now for 2 years and never changed the look. When I start I came in as the 2006 Boy Next Door which I altered a little to look more like the RL me (in exactly that way that they never actually do) but then after I gave in and bought a cart full of Lindens I bought the same shape I use now and a skin that I still use as my human form (mainly as Raoul for the show I'm in). In between being human and then half-gazelle I went through a few months of being nothing but abstract avatars. I have a long and boring theory about birth, rebirth and shamnistic themes of re-making but I'll not bore you with them. Suffice to say that two years ago I peeled my skin away and broke down the structure of who I was to re-form as who I am. Emothional, it was an... interesting time :)

    Anyhoo, as I say I'm really glad this blog will give me and others a chance to read your wonderful writing without searching the Deadwood forum (forums are a right old pain in the arse like that).


    p.s. I'm on Twitter too as SL and RL. SL is @hbahimself @tsmgo @novaalbion @profha @ladyheady @raoulsbuns and RL is @daftapeth

    p.p.s. I tried the facebook thing but never really got into it - too much for my pigmy brain to cope with I think. I'm essentially a selfish social networker and blogs & twitter are my limit :-D

    p.p.p.s I also write stuff for the the show's blog, mainly the Meet The Stars sections: - I think you'll like these :-D

  4. hey there HB!

    Thanks for coming by and helping get things started here.

    Aha! so you DO have a non-horned form you take on occassionally? When hell pard, then you got no excue fer not coming by Deaddwood sometime and we'll dress you in some of our high-grade 1870s freebies (the freebies in DW are generally better than average I think) and you can get the nickle tour of the rp area if you like.

    But I agree it's interesting how attached we get to an avatar. And it does seem there is a pattern most of us come in at the beginning of your time in SL, and you try out the cheapies and freebies, then you experiment with buying stuff that you realize later on makes you look like a feckless goober who put on makeup in the dark, and then suddenly you hit on a look that you feel is right--the "avatar that works."

    I think your anthropomorphic man/antelope mashup is a work of art, by the way. It's like Lason Hassanov's steampunk-mech avatar. I can't imagine either o' you boys without your signature looks, except for maybe short spells (oh, say like a quick trip to Deadwood).

    But certainly we do get into a groove of how we relate to sl, and "that avatar that works" is a manifestation of being in the groove. I was that way with Dio's pale gothy skin. I was literally scared to chagne it. Then just the other day, after years of wearing that skin around to so many different places, I just decided I needed to get something different--but not too different. Just something with more color to it and a bit more artfully done.

    Sometimes this happens when you suddenly see a picture of yourself and you go.."Damn, THAT's what other people see when they are lookin' at me? Satan's huge red testicles, I gotta do something about that shit!" I'm not sure what made me suddenly decide I needed to go forth an shoppeth.

    But it is natural to wonder if we could do better...unless of your course you're one of those fellers with big huge grossly broad mesomorphic over-muscled shoulders and chest, and a tiny little itty-bitty pinhead perched on top with no appreciable neck in sight. I am relatively sure that those guys get up every day, and invariably view their avataristic selves and go "heeeeey, my man! looookin' GOOOOD!"

    Self delusion is a wonderful thing for those who need it to get through the day. I say, on the other hand, there are also a certain number of people who have come up with a look and kept it, and it suits them so exquisitely, that it would be a crime to change it. You HB, and Lason are good examples of this. My old friend Aldo Stern at the Falling Anvil is another (though I know he would abandon his south sea islander avatar every now and then for a militaristic beaver tiny--Royal Caledon Engineers, I think). Or for that matter Desmond Shang. Desmond's form and look has become something of an icon. I don't think Des would be allowed to change.

    But as for me? I needed an upgrade. And I'm tickled I finally got brave enough to do it.

    And yes I'll certainly check out your other writing, HB. I enjoy your stuff on Backpacking Burro a lot and look forward to reading more.