Friday, June 26, 2009

the new skin


Well, since I mentioned it, here it is. This was taken at dusk, up in Mt. Moriah cemetery, and goddam, I think it looks pretty good.

The skin is the middle-range skin tone version with light make-up from the Classic Lines I series of skins. These folks do a real nice set of "mature" female skins that have a hell of a lot of character--even better, they don't end up make you looking cartoonish like so many "aged" skins do in SL. The more I have this on, the better I like it.

Thanks to my good friend Betty Doyle from Ingenue for helping me in this hunt for a first class update to my look.

Oh and by the way, it wasn't too dear either: for 550 linden I got a batch of what seemed like an obscene number of different variations of the basic skin with a wide range of hair colors and levels of make-up. They also had every single style choice in both a "natural" and "shaved" version, and of course I just tossed all the "shaved" ones because...well...because it just ain't none o' yer goddam bizness.

You can find these at:
Brazen Women Shapes and Skins, Ookami Ningen (97, 103, 27)


  1. Likes mah ol papy used ta say "I likes mah wimmim like I likes mah bears - hairy!"

  2. funny thing, that reminds of a story that Papaw Marcus used to tell about the mountain man who who got so lonely one winter he done married a she grizzly an the spent a season or two quite amicably.

    Now all due respect to Papaw, I think he may have been exaggeratin' a tad.

    My personal belief is that the feller an the bear never really got hitched. I think they was jus' shackin' up.