Monday, December 6, 2010

I fear for the future of the republic...

The above was seen in the food section of certain big box retailer...


  1. Perhaps it's a sly confession of how little meat there is in that food-product.

  2. Unrelated "when worlds collide" side note: Dio, I know one of the authors in your Amazon widget, Laura Browder. Here office is just across the quad from mine. In fact, I'm going to assist her and her first-year class next term with a field trip to a gun show, which they will explore in our course on Guns in America and write about "as a text." It's an interesting topic and she's politically neutral about firearms. I'm just in search of a scope for my deer rifle :)

  3. Hey, y'all

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yeah...the thing that scares me is that this in-store display (with neatly printed signage) was installed by a team of people who all have license (literally and figuratively) to drive, vote and procreate. One assumes that when folks with this level of fetchums do in fact manage to reproduce, it is more than likely purely by accident.

    I suppose it is possible that is ACTUALLY something else...oh I don't know...maybe smoked penguin pizzles? I can see the guys in marketing saying "well, Jim, our focus groups have indicated to us that our core customers don't respond well to the idea of consuming penguin phalluses...maybe we should just call it something smoked boneless ham. The FDA won't mind."

    Or it could be a joke.

    Hey Iggy, that's cool that Ms. Browder is just a spit and a holler away from you. Please tell her I said howdy and I hope she doesn't mind her book being promoted in this sort of oddball context.

  4. It's part of the chain's efforts to broaden its customers' horizons.

  5. yes, Rhia, I am sure you're right, as you usually are....they did this deliberately for the most altruistic of reasons, bless their pointy little heads...