Sunday, April 4, 2010

The new Deadwood sim -- progress report one


At present I am very much convinced that doing the restart was the right thing to do. The sim not only looks remarkably unique, it's been full of players doing some fine rp, and some very interesting things are going on. People are setting up their rp businesses, including...yes...a by Daisy guessed

So, in a nutshell, much to my great embarrassment, I have found that it was simply too hard trying to have Dio not be a regular presence in the sim. Being Dio is just way too much goddam fun. She and Daisy have taken on some tents and begun taking in washing, as you can see here in the image above.

Nonetheless, I have been bringing in my other alts as well, trying to get some mileage out of them and developing their unique personalities. And they are already getting work too. Here is Malachi panning in the Whitewood creek. He's already done pretty well and made some alliances with other miners. By tonight he had created a sizable pile of "tailings" alongside the creek.

Incidentally Caed and Estwee have come up with a great panning activity--you buy the pan at the Bighorn store, go wade out into the creek, and then you can work the pan and hunt for "gold" that can exchanged for goods at the assay office. The one additional thing I did to enhance this activity (besides putting out some gear for ambiance) was to run a "rooftop crouch" pose while carrying out the panning activity. The anims worked beautifully together with the the avie actually squatting in the shallow water while working the pan, creating an overall very authentic representation of what it is like panning for gold in a stream.

I'm enjoying this all immensely.


  1. Can't wait to run into you! Haven't seen ya since Dodge to my recollection ~grins and winks~

  2. Ohhh man! I'm stoked about the new Deadwood (and your decision to keep Dio washing and shooting and cussing!). I love that panning thingy - I've been wondering how I put one of those into my own place in Steelhead, and now I know!

    By the way, you should pop over to my Log Cabin in St Helens - I've made the whole area look like a real loggin concern and construction site. Even built the cabin from individual logs cut from the forest above! :)

  3. In fact I have wandered by your cabin to take a peek. It looks way cool! I keep hoping to run into you over there, but haven't managed to pull that off yet. My plausible reason for being there (IC) is that I'm tracking some bears that have been making trouble.

    And sometime soon you need to come visit Deadwood. Maybe as the Doctor? I can think of a couple good reasons why you might come to a place like Deadwood.