Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some of my favorite western images


Poker game at Lawman's Hall, Deadwood

Women wading in a stream in Nevada on a Sunday afternoon, 1880s

The three graces, me, Astolat and Sal in the Bella

Sadie Austin, daughter of a Nebraska rancher in the 1880s-90s (Nebraska Historical Society)



  1. *chuckles* I love the women wading in a stream picture... It is an interesting look, with nicely dressed ladies cooling themselves in the water but then the one lady with a rifle aimed into the sky shows you a glimpse that the pioneer style was still prevalent even in gentler society. Women had thier fine dresses, but watch out, they got guns too *smiles*

  2. Hey Caed,
    yeah, I am real fond of that one as well. The other thing I find interesting about the image is the outfit that riflewoman is wearing (though it is hard to get a good sense of it without seeing the original image). I think it is some kind of riding or hunting costume, as she has some kind of leggings or gaiters over her boots, a shorter skirt, and the material and cut overall is plainer that that of her companions' outfits. Yet judging by the way her waist is cinched in, it would seem she is wearing a corset like the rest of the women seem to be. Of course a discussion of corsetry gets us into an area that brings me into conflict with the odious and arrogant Ms. Wunderlich, and I just don't want to go there right now.

  3. I find the pic of the black settlers very moving - what those people had to put up with is so far beyond my understanding as to be almost another world.

    I also love the newspaper tent - no matter what, you can't stop writers writing and the truth from being told :)